Module 4 - Reflection
The Holy Spirit

1.  Scripture _______________• For we were all _______________ Spirit so as to form one body whether Jews
     or Gentiles, slave or free and we were all given the _______________ Spirit to drink.

2.  Scripture _______________ And do not grieve the _______________ of God, with whom
     you were sealed for the day of redemption.

3.  Scripture _______________ The Spirit himself testifies with _______________ spirit that we are _______________ .

4.   Scripture _______________ • He saved us, not because of righteous things we had done, but because of
      His mercy. He saved us through the washing of _______________ by the Holy Spirit. 

5.  Scripture _______________

     In the same way, the Spirit _______________ us in _______________ . We do not know what we
     ought to pray for, but _______________ himself _______________ for _______________ us through
     wordless groans.

6.  Scripture _______________

     But when he, _______________ , comes, he will guide you into all the truth. He will not speak on his own;
     he will speak  only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come.  

7.   Scripture _______________

      For those who are _______________ the Spirit of God are the _______________ .


8.   Scripture _______________

      Do not get drunk on wine, which leads to debauchery. Instead, ________________ with the Spirit.

The Fruit of the Spirit

Exercise I
(Small Group Exercise)

Scenario: A young person whom every member of your group knows is hanging out with the wrong crowd. This person has shown symptoms of depression, possibly from drug use and poor self-esteem. If nothing is done to help this person, they may commit suicide.


This person has lost hope in God. Anything you say about the Lord may turn this person further away. 

Based upon what you learned about the nine fruit of the Spirit, Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.” in the following scenario.How would you win this person to Christ? 

(Time alloted: 15 minutes)

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