Members of COR Boards are either appointed by the Pastor or elected by the congregation. Individuals seeking to serve on a Board must be of solid piety, know and love the Word of God, the African Methodist Episcopal Church and doctrine. These individuals must be fruitful and of good natural or acquired ability to transact the spiritual and temporal business of the church. These Boards include:

- Steward Board

- Trustee Board

- Stewardess Board

- Finance Committee

- Pastor's Care


We provide quality audio and visual experiences for in person and online COR services and events.


We design and implement seasonal decor for the church, as well as in support of some church events.


We support the spread of the gospel to the unchurched or to those who have not identified themselves as having made a profession of faith in Jesus Christ.


We enjoy being the faces that welcome everyone who enters the church. We ensure first time visitors and guests know their way around, and feel at home.


We put our faith in action as we support the church, and various church sponsored events, through parking and security ministries. 


We follow the Spirit’s lead, musically and spiritually, to organically and holistically develop a worship experience as we lead the congregation in praise and worship. We wholeheartedly desire to see the congregation enter into God’s presence.


We share the Word of God through various social media platforms, and provide communications on COR happenings through those platforms and the church website. 


The goal of our ministry is to serve the needs of others and move our young people in the direction in which Jesus called us.Our established community services include (amongst other things) serving at local food banks, feeding the homeless, working with Mercy House, farming, and more! 



We provide a warm and welcoming experience to all who cross the threshold of our church, serving our Pastor, Members, Visitors and Ministries as needed. This is a ministry where youth, young adults and adults can serve.


Our ministry focuses on health promotion and disease prevention.  A healthy mind, body, and spirit enables us to flourish and thrive. We facilitate health and well-being that embraces our faith connection, culture, and community. Through linkages, coordination, and collaboration with community partners, we empower church members to achieve optimal health and wellness.


The COR Health Ministry is open to new members. No experience in the health field is required, just a heart willing to serve. Join our efforts to foster a healthier new year for all! 


We educate, elevate, and demonstrate the purpose and power of sacred dance in the worship experience. We provide both technical and spiritual training, biblical foundations of dance & worship, across a variety of genres of dance.


"Leading the Children's Choir has been a great privilege and honor. They don't just sing songs, they worship with a pure heart! They teach me as much as I teach them. They make me better. I love what I do!" 

~ Janae