First Lady Jennifer and I are excited about the privilege of serving as the spiritual leaders of this remarkable congregation here at Christ Our Redeemer. The borders of COR have extended far beyond its walls. You have a rich history in the city of Irvine and throughout Orange County. You are socially and politically engaged and connected to the community's pulse through serving and making a difference in so many ways.


COR church is more than a household name in the city of Irvine. Your name represents the finest that God requires integrity, respect, stability, and trust. As children of Richard Allen, a great liberator and civil rights leader of his time, you have lived up to what it means to be a part of the African Methodist Episcopal Church, where God is our Father, Christ is our Redeemer, and Humankind is our brother.


As your Pastor and First Lady, while we have a long way to go in building the kind of relationships that are needed to continue to embrace COR and what the AME Church represents, we are committed to upholding COR's legacy and honoring our past, embracing our present, and working and planning together for our future.


Every member is an asset to the church. Your skills, talents, and gifts are what the Apostle Paul calls "treasures in earthen vessels", created in you to enhance the mission, ministry, and vision of God in the local church.


Let all things be done decently and in order (1 Corinthians 14:40). It is our prayer that our journey together will continue to be pleasing, holy, and acceptable to the Lord, as we seek to do the will of Christ. To God be the glory, we thank you in advance for your faithfulness, service, support, and sacrifice.





Pastor Ralph